Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend that was...
Hello dear people,
Hope your weekend was good, mine was packed with loads of fun...
We had guests come for dinner on friday so cooked chole,
daalcha-a hyderabadi dish & plain pulav with spicy mixed vegetable raita.
Yes they turned out well :)  chole was yummooo...posting the pic
 And then on saturday we went to the Botanic Gardens.We could not cover everything but the Rose & Japanese gardens that we spent most of the time at were just beautiful,would definitely go back.
just a few shots from the gardens.
  roses on vines

Will do a separate post on the Japanese garden,it was just beautiful & the weather made it look even better.

Come Sunday it was a lazy day at home, hubby dear wanted to eat some Indochinese so cooked Hakka noodles & Chilli  chicken :)

....watched a movie then went out shopping, had dinner n wrapped up the weekend with our very own filter kaapi(coffee).

Spent my weekend with some of my favorite people, favorite dishes, favorite places :) :)

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  1. oh.. what a fabulous weekend!! Thank you for linking in... Sruthi!! You rock!!